Message From the Mayor

Message from Mayor Dave Ryan

When the story of 2020 is told years from now, sadly it will include tragic losses of life, unprecedented economic upset, and lasting changes to our way of living.

It cheers me though that there will also be stories told of heroic essential workers ensuring our community continued to receive health care, remained safe, and had food, electricity, water, and other essential services; businesses pivoting to manufacture desperately needed face masks, shields, sanitizer and other personal protection equipment; and extraordinary citizens sewing face masks, donating food, money, and lending assistance to their neighbours.

I’m so very proud of the way our community in Pickering and across Durham Region have responded to this pandemic. Although the difficult decision was made not to host a Pickering Mayor’s Gala in 2020, I am thrilled that our organizing committee has found a way to honour our planned theme of “Coming Together for our Hometown Heroes” and continue to help strengthen our community.

It wouldn’t be happening without the tremendous support of our loyal and generous sponsors.

Together we will be purchasing new, state-of-the-art ventilators for critically ill patients at our Ajax Pickering Hospital.

Thank you to the Apostolopoulos family and Durham Live, as our lead sponsor. Thank you also to DG Group and all other organizations who agreed to continue their commitment to strengthening our community this year. Please visit to see all our community builders and support them.

We are blessed to have a caring, committed gala organizing committee led by co-chairs Diana Hills and Sharon Milton. Thank you for all that you do for our gala and our community.

Please stay well and continue contributing to stories of strength, caring, generosity, and togetherness.

Dave Ryan
Mayor, Pickering

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