Gala Committee

  • Shashi Bhatia
  • Sandra Cassidy
  • Lori Ellis
  • Mark Guinto
  • Diana Hills
  • Heather Holmlund Albani
  • Audra Leslie
  • Kathy McKay
  • Nuala McNamarra
  • Sharon Milton
  • Ken Montague
  • Judy Scott-Jacobs
  • Donna Sutton
  • Don Terry
  • Melanie Walls

Our committee also includes:

Tracy Paterson and Emily Moorhouse of the Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation.

The 2018 Pickering Mayor's Gala Celebrates New Orleans, Mardi Gras

We remain broken-hearted by the passing of long-time gala volunteers Ralph and Carol Sutton.

We miss Ralph’s gentle guidance, can-do attitude, and rakish smile. We miss Carol’s quite competency and calm demeanor in the eye of the storm.