2020 Charities

This year, we will be raising funds for Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation. Your continued sacrifices, dedication and hard work are appreciated beyond measure. We thank you for your efforts, especially during these difficult times.

The 2018 Pickering Mayor's Gala Celebrates New Orleans, Mardi Gras
Rouge Valley Health System Foundation

Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation

The Ajax Pickering Hospital is excited to expand its inpatient Mental Health program with a 22-bed ward.  With an interdisciplinary care team, including psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, occupational & recreational therapists and pharmacist, patients will receive the care and treatment they need in a safe and therapeutic 24-hour environment.

Using their wide variety of, and complementary, experience, the team will strive to provide care that reflects the principles of the Recovery Model, simply that it is possible for a patient to recover from a mental health condition and that the most effective recovery is patient-directed.