2018 Charities

This year, we will be raising funds for Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation, Grandview Kids, and the Durham Region 2019 Ontario Parasport Games.

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The 2018 Pickering Mayor's Gala Celebrates New Orleans, Mardi Gras
Rouge Valley Health System Foundation

Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation

We’re excited to announce that a donation from this year’s gala will be purchasing neonatal monitors for our Ajax Pickering Hospital.

When a slight change in a patient’s status might have huge repercussions for their treatment options or on the progress of their recovery, it is essential that staff can track and analyze the most up-to-date information. 

The new monitoring system – that will be installed throughout the labour and delivery unit, paediatric unit, as well as the NICU – is a crucial tool for our staff. They will use it to know – in real time – even more vital statistics about their young patients, whether they are viewing the results on a screen from inside the patient’s room or, once networked, from multiple locations including hand-held devices.

Since the monitor can easily be transported while still transmitting information about the patient, it can accompany the baby or child as they leave the unit for various tests in another area of Ajax Pickering Hospital or even transferred to another medical facility. This mobility ensures that the patient’s vitals are continually followed by either our own paediatric staff or those awaiting the arrival of the patient at the other hospital. 

External specialists working with our teams will also be able to access the real time data and provide immediate feedback rather than the patient and staff having to wait for an in-person consultation that might involve arranging travel or other associated delays.

Grandview Kids

Grandview Children’s Centre

The paediatric experts at Grandview Children’s Centre provide life-changing outpatient treatment, rehabilitation services and more to over 6,000 children and youth with special needs and their families in Durham Region every year, but close to 3,000 more kids are waiting to receive service from Grandview . That number is expected to continue to increase over the next 10 -20 years along with the population growth expected in Durham Region. Grandview’s main site in Oshawa was built in 1983 to serve 400 kids. Support from the community is needed to ensure earliest possible access to assessment and treatment for kids with special needs, and to help Grandview Children’s Centre build a new facility to meet the needs of children with special needs and their families in Durham Region now, and in the future.

Thank you for inspiring possibilities for Grandview Kids!

Grandview Kids

Durham Region 2019 Ontario Parasport Games

About 300 para athletes from across Ontario will travel to Durham Region next February for the Durham Region 2019 Ontario Parasport Games. They will compete in 10 different Parasports, including Blind Soccer at the Pickering Soccer Centre. A legacy fund is being created to encourage and support Durham Region residents’ participation in Parasports.